Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm officially fired.

Because, honestly? I have the worst track record in the world when it comes to blogging. Well, aside from a particular red-head I know.

However, I'm stumbling across the actual reason for keeping a blog- keeping the people who care informed on the happenings in my life; it's too easy, anymore, to forget who knows what. So. Reason one.

Reason two? Whenever I do hold myself to writing, more gets done. It's like magic: the more that I can convince myself must be done, the more I seem to find the wherewithal to accomplish.

This is only my second post in 2012. It's April.

Now, for those of you unaware:

1. We have just recently wrapped a film that I had the pleasure of writing the screenplay for. I also got to play both as an assistant director and an actor, so this project was especially fun.

2. I've finally taken to recording low-quality versions of songs that I've been writing/had written, and you can find them on Soundcloud.

Both for current and future reference, you will be able to find links to any projects I am involved with to the right, under the header labelled thusly.

Now that we've cleared that up, it's time to go make some adventures that I can report back on!

Viens avec moi?
xx Adonais