Sunday, July 31, 2011

|a summer storm|

The sky swells.
We wait beneath its greying underbelly
and hold our breath so that our next
can be taken in time with the earth’s;
we aren’t looking at each other,
haven’t since the sky turned over,
but I can feel you, and I think
that I know that you feel me.
Eyes upturned, fingers interlaced,
we stare at nothing and we wait.

(day one hundred and ninety-one)

Word of the Day: griffonage
-Illegible or sloppy handwriting.

I’ve been playing this song non-stop for the last few days. I can’t recall how I came across it, but I’d never heard it before, and it’s pretty damned catchy. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, for your listening pleasure.

I perused the Calvin Klein site today. One of the few lines that I can always find something I like/want. I mean, aside from underwear. Who doesn’t want to wear Calvins? They have an interesting fall line on preview- how I’d love to have the money to wear them by fall. Here’s hoping. Also, if you get the chance, check out the preview for Converse’s first stand alone line: Black Canvas. It’s pretty intriguing, in a fashion sense.

I’m becoming slightly irritated with some of the people in my life. By some, I mean quite a few. I guess I figure that my taking the time to reach out in communication to them ought to net a result at least once in a while, but maybe that’s expecting too much. Whether it is or it isn’t, I’m beginning to lose the bits and pieces inside that care. I’ve got too much to do, too many places to be, and too many new people to meet to continue wasting the one commodity that you cannot buy, steal, or find. My time and attention are rapidly becoming commodities of their own; those of you that I spend them on/with, know that you mean something to me.

I managed to get both my computer and my facebook cleaned up this afternoon. It took hours, but I’m finally organized. I also set up a tight morning schedule that I get to inaugurate tomorrow – with any luck, it will quadruple my productivity. The next week is going to be a bit of a rough ride, to be sure. I’m going to focus on both my minor list (the written one in front of me) as well as my major list (the 101 in 1001 in the column to the right).

Allow me to call for assistance – I’m looking to borrow some severely classy dress clothes over the next few weeks; do you have any, or know anyone who does, that I could borrow briefly? They will be well taken care of. I appreciate it.

That’s it for tonight. Goodnight, world.

Viens avec moi?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

|on the vinyl|

Crack. Flash.
Like a stuttered heartbeat,
laid over one another as
lovers in the very air-
close your eyes
and take a breath
in the momentary dark
that follows the click
of the shutter
before you raise your chin
back toward the lens
and abandon all pretense,
your soul laid bare.

(day one hundred and eighty-eight)

Word of the Day: limn
-To depict or describe through paintings or words.

I’ve always had a musical crush of sorts on Skye Sweetnam. This song will get stuck in your head for days; it’s catchy, it’s solid… you’ll see. Here you go.

I’ve been running full-speed for 36 hours- some script writing, a new haircut, and shoot after shoot after shoot. Brava to my talent family here at Affinity- last night blew me away. Two photo shoots, back to back- the first on location, crashing the end of Alive After Five in the Grove [that’s what it’s called, right?], and then the awesome punk rock garage off of Bannock; then a studio shoot that ran us all night? Crash for a few hours, and then begin a day long dual shoot with Leo? Bushed doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Which is ultimately why I didn’t write this morning, or earlier today, and why this is going to be cut short by the end of this sentence: I’m slowly slipping into oblivion.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

|fret not|

There is very little left
Of what we once were,
But fret not,
For we are busy building
Who we have yet to become.

(day one hundred and eight-seven)

Word of the Day: wale
To choose; the act of choosing.

More dubstep today- I heard this one on the return journey this morning, and it reminded me quite a bit of the Symphony of Science tracks. Never a bad thing. It especially hit home, because I’ve been reading a lot of scientific things lately. I was always more of a philosopher, but I think science has become my philosophy. Check it out.

Have you ever wondered what grass tastes like? I know I have. I’ve also eaten some, just to see what it might taste like, but it was an elusive flavour. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be livestock, eating grass all day with your seven stomachs? I haven’t either. I’ve just found out what it would be like to be the seventh stomach, with a tongue, though. It’s not as bad as one would think, surprisingly. It’s not exactly appetizing, but it may grow on me as well. It does mean one thing for sure, and that is this: water is my new best friend.

(mix for thinking, paired well with summer afternoons and lazy, creative thoughts)
[thanks, Brigand]

It’s been a long time since I’ve been truly active- today that changed. And it feels fantastic. While it’s a little hypocritical to say, for a while now I’ve been of the opinion that the cure for nearly anything lies in activity.  Speaking of activity, I’ve an absurdly busy afternoon, and I’m running late this morning. That is all for this installment of: And the Raucous!

Viens avec moi?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

|as the wind|

Necking softly, or violent throes,
the wind begs not consent
for where it goes;
shall we e’er strive to be,
in each day, half as free.

(day one hundred and eighty-six)

Word of the Day: mornight
For those moments when you aren’t sure if it is today or tomorrow.

Today, we’re listening to one of the single best live acoustic performances I’ve ever had the luck to hear, and it just so happens to be one of the single most well-known individuals in the world. The first time I heard this song, it captured my soul- and it retains that power even now. Enjoy.

I wasn’t up at seven o’clock this morning, like I had hoped I might be. And I didn’t spend my morning wisely- I spent it on Youtube. That’s an easy mistake to make, Youtube. You walk in, looking for a rendition of that new song you’ve been hearing on the radio, you walk out with twenty new favourites, a handful of likes, and a barrage of melodies that you can’t get out of your head; four hours later, that is. It’s not a one, two, done kind of thing. It’s too damn well designed for that. You might like this; we know you’ll like that. Your favourite person in the world has three new videos and a PSA. This video is also about Zombies. This video is also dubstep. This video is dubstep and has twelve million views. High-def? No problem, just allow us to re-load your video. Here’s a short advertisement while you wait. Whatever you do, don’t look at the clock. Ever. Here’s to Youtube’s design team- well played.

Along the right, you’ll notice some minor changes. Or you won’t. It doesn’t make much difference, really. They’re there, whether you notice them or not. Among them is a link- Wishlist. I had the thought whilst blogging yesterday, and I took the time to find a site that specializes in the particular kind of self-indulgence that I was hoping for. There’s not much on there, but it’ll grow. It’s not like any of the items are going to leave the list anytime soon. This is simply so that we all know what I would spend money on, if I had money to spend.

Yesterday, among the many things I accomplished [because it was, in fact, quite a productive day], I finished writing the scenes for flowers, the short film that I’ve been kicking around forever. I wish I could say that the muse dropped from the heavens with the tools that I’d been waiting for, but that’s not quite right. Actually, the only thing that dropped yesterday was a lot more that requires doing. Which means I can’t keep putting these things off, at least not until they develop the wherewithal to do themselves.

My domestic hobbies are done [yes, I'm calling them hobbies; chores being too bleak a word], and I’m looking at this list next to me and fretting. It really isn’t much to do, if I actually find and maintain the kind of focus I happened across yesterday- but the lack of transportation in my life generally means anything I have to go places to accomplish becomes a gigantic obstacle. If anyone happens across a free car anywhere, and cannot think of anything else to do with it: call me?

And it appears that I’m all talked out- not before a substantial blog post has been written though. It appears that this blogging thing will grow on you, if you let it.

Viens avec moi?

Monday, July 25, 2011

| wait... is that the sun? |

Softly swept across her face, the wind
left kisses in her hair and along her cheek
as her fingertips rushed to brush them away
before she could remember that it had ever been
anything more than a transitory day-dream.

(day one hundred and eighty-five)
There is something about dubstep that hits a certain primal note in the human psyche- if you need proof, see any dub track that features sampling of female gasps/moans- dubstep is one hundred and thirteen percent aural sex, sometimes fast and hard, sometimes slow and soothing, but always charged in that unmistakable way.

I have a massive list for the next two days- all of the domestic activities that I haven’t been keeping up with, a lot of connections with a lot of different people, figuring out a rather convoluted website, a couple best friends, and some serious writing. If I can fit any quality time with my Elsie in there, it’ll be both a miracle and a red flag: there’s something on the list that I’m not doing.

I’m not sure how of you there are, but I’ll throw this out there: I have another shoot on Thursday, and I’m needing clothes to wear- if you happen to have any that you wouldn’t mind me borrowing for a few days, I’d be eternally grateful! Men’s M/L up top, 34/34 below, 12/13 shoe. I wish I could start some sort of online wish-list for these kinds of things. Wait. Maybe I should. I’ll add it to the list.

This is looking more and more like a legitimate blog, isn’t it? Hmmm… Odd. At any rate, time for another installment of

Five Things that Make Me Happy:

1.      -Artsy coffee mugs, full of coffee of course.
2.      -Plug-and-play mice.
3.      -Cloudless nights.
4.      -Guitar picks (almost exclusively used as a fix for my oral fixation).
5.      -Writing (when I actually do it, haha).

Also, because I have awesome book nerds for friends (you know who you are), I’ve been working my way steadily through Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion. This one is coming heavily recommended, regardless of your stance on the subject; if nothing else, it allows for great insight into the atheist mind. Check it out.

One more thing to check out: Kevin McCain Studios. A great impressionist, and a personal friend. The man does some fantastic work, so take a look, follow him, etc. This is the kind of stuff you want to hang over your kitchen table.

I’ll talk to you sooner than later, I’m sure.

Viens avec moi?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

|'re inhaling! |

Really, it’s a matter of timing. Life is, I mean.
Evolution, the survival of a species,
the outcome of wars,
the defining moments of a generation,
the day that you are born-
and not in the
“what’s my horoscope”
kind of way, but think about this:
if faces are so marvelously important to human development,
what kind of weight belongs to the first face we see?
What if that OBGYN and his nurses
are somehow pivotal to the direction
our lives take?

(day one hundred and eighty-three)

-Everyone is wonderful in some small way or another; some people just have enough small wonders to build themselves a palace.

“Every time you take breath, you’re inhaling!”   - of my smoking pattern.

It’s been an interesting handful of days.
And I’ve not the time to write about it now, but I promise- soon. Very soon.
As for now:
Three words. Boise. Music. Festival.
Two words. Hell. Yes.
One word. Ciao.

Viens avec moi?