Thursday, July 28, 2011

|on the vinyl|

Crack. Flash.
Like a stuttered heartbeat,
laid over one another as
lovers in the very air-
close your eyes
and take a breath
in the momentary dark
that follows the click
of the shutter
before you raise your chin
back toward the lens
and abandon all pretense,
your soul laid bare.

(day one hundred and eighty-eight)

Word of the Day: limn
-To depict or describe through paintings or words.

I’ve always had a musical crush of sorts on Skye Sweetnam. This song will get stuck in your head for days; it’s catchy, it’s solid… you’ll see. Here you go.

I’ve been running full-speed for 36 hours- some script writing, a new haircut, and shoot after shoot after shoot. Brava to my talent family here at Affinity- last night blew me away. Two photo shoots, back to back- the first on location, crashing the end of Alive After Five in the Grove [that’s what it’s called, right?], and then the awesome punk rock garage off of Bannock; then a studio shoot that ran us all night? Crash for a few hours, and then begin a day long dual shoot with Leo? Bushed doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Which is ultimately why I didn’t write this morning, or earlier today, and why this is going to be cut short by the end of this sentence: I’m slowly slipping into oblivion.


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