Friday, November 4, 2011


“I’ll come back. We’ll finish this.”
They both knew she wouldn’t.
“Go. You’re late,” he whispered.

(day two hundred and eighty-seven)

Word of the Day: widdershins
-in a left-handed, wrong or contrary direction;

As the weather takes a turn for the bitter nip and bite of winter, my musical taste retreats to where it feels most at home. Acoustic, folksy tunes with home on every breath- there’s something distinctly winter to them, I think. The Be Good Tanyas, a group I’ve admittedly never listened to in my life before today, is fantastically worthy of the share- enjoy.

Tea, tobacco and toska. That’s my morning. And a list the size of Timbuktu. It’s been another rash of weeks since I’ve blogged, and know that in a small, particular way, I hate myself for it. It’s going to become a daily thing again, I’m certain of it.

I read a status update requesting fashion immediate fashion advice: Scarves on men? This reads (to me) as a no-brainer; a strong, resounding YES. But of course scarves belong on men. The gender neutral accessory often looks best on the male figure, if paired correctly. I’ll share my response to the gentleman’s query, as well: “I’m wearing one with my cotton, combat styled jacket, layered or not.” The look is a half classic, half modern staple. Men, the trick to wearing a scarf is quite simple- wrap it loosely about your neck and forget about it; it’s most often the fidgeting and tailoring of the look that ruins it. Note: keeping the scarves lighter makes for easier pairing and layering. Try something like this.

I’m starting a second blog. –pause for collective sigh-

I know. Because I’m sooo good at writing on this one, right?

This new one is geared a touch differently. It’s a food blog. Because I love to cook, and generate a number of unique recipes and the like, I thought it might be a good way to share my culinary insights. I’ll post more as I get it together, I’m sure.

Viens avec moi?

Monday, October 17, 2011

|throw-away things|

The metaphorical heart
is a throw-away thing,
crafted by hopeful hands
out of paper-mache and Elmer’s;
any second-grade kid
can tell you that
both are edible,
and easily replaceable.

(day two hundred and sixty-nine)

Word of the Day: insipid
Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty.
Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate,
or interest; dull.

I haven’t listened to Jamie T in ages- so when I found myself singing their songs this morning, I immediately ran to my computer to set them to filling the air. This particular song is one that I feel really captures the full character of the group. Enjoy.

Listening to Jamie T isn’t the only thing I haven’t done in ages. I also haven’t blogged. What’s up with that? Well, you know. Life. The last couple of months have been marvelously, terribly tumultuous. I’ve been neglecting multiple people, and been neglected by multiple people. Things have gotten lost in the shuffle. I’m one of those things. Slowly pulling it back together; or at least, I hope I am.

Some of the news from the last couple of months:

                I’m in Meridian now, thanks to a very dear friend’s hospitality.
                I’m working out nearly every bloody morning. Not even remotely half-assed, either.
                Single, Taken, Single? I don’t even know wtf anymore.
                Multiple auditions- didn’t win any of them, but glad to have had the chance.
                Working at The Haunted World. Pretty damned cool, most days.
                Tutoring again, even though I swore I never would. Funny how that works.
                Fast friendships, fading friendships, fallen friendships…
                A severe, unprecedented interest in parkour? Yes.

Bear with me whilst I pull it together, would you kindly?

Viens avec moi?

Friday, September 23, 2011

-of gods-

Walk into the darkest place
And be thee not afraid,
For fear is fleeting, and this is
How immortality is made.

(day two hundred and forty-five)

Word of the Day: estival
-belonging to or appearing in summer.

I adore this song is its original form, so it’s easy to imagine that I’d enjoy the remixed version, no? Edward Sharpe’s Home, remixed by Whole-Z.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Time has a habit of getting away from you, and a habit of catching back up with you at the most inconvenient moments. Not that this is an inconvenient moment, really…

I’m finally out of Nampa. Saying that is like the first breath after a near drowning; rapturous. Firstly, I have one hell of an amasing friend. Secondly, I’ve been all over the map, both physically and emotionally (hell, mentally as well).

Things are coming together, if in a slow, methodical, patch-work sort of way.

So this is me, finding my feet once again. Hello World. It’s been too long.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

|standing in the downpour|

Never have I felt a thunder more fiercely,
never caressed by fingers more fitting,
than this rain that swims down upon me,
as two million odd minnows might,
as though caught they up in a fright,
and with a tumble-snap-crack of the sky,
re-releasing sunlight;
it cuts softly and smoothly,
crashing through seas of water and air
as a ship cutting waves, as
skin, bare on bare.
She awakens me, not lightly,
yet free from disdain-
never have I known
love greater than rain.

(day two hundred and nineteen)

Word of the Day: itinerant
Adj.- Traveling from place to place, especially to perform work or a duty.
Noun – One who travels from place to place.

This song has really stuck with me this weekend. Graduation by Gemini. Enjoy.

I’ve been learning about hair product and styling over the course of this last week. I figure that if I’m going to keep a mess of hair, it’s a matter of responsibility to learn how to properly care for and manage it. There are two additions to the wish-list today, both are hair product, both are needed, and both are cheap. Crazy, no?

Things have been slightly turbulent of late, and I’ve not been on top of my writing game. Well, truth be told, I’ve not been on top of any game.  That will change soon enough.

I’ve finally finished writing the 101/1001 list; now I can focus on getting things accomplished. Sixteen are finished. I’m a little behind the time-clock, I fear. Time to kick it into gear.

Also, plans for this week have yet to be cast in stone, but they shall be within the next 24 hours. If you have any want to be a part of my week, call or text me.

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A cityscape in the sky---

There is a breeze flitting about
In the trees, the backdrop of
The sky, a pale blue dance floor
For the summer-weary leaves;
The air is full of birds, bees and
A muted electricity.
“Can you see them?”
Dogwood and dandelion dust
Populate the undrawn heaven-streets,
Merging with buttermilk butterflies
And drawing their potential in the sky.

(day two hundred and fourteen)

Word of the Day: opine
-to state as an opinion.

P.O.S. is one of the best rappers out there, bar none. This is just one of the brilliant tracks the man has dropped.

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since my computer died, leaving me under a rock in the desert without internet. It’s insane, really, how dependent modern life is upon broadband connections- at the point that the/a separation is painful, we ought to be worried. We really ought.

Thanks to someone very close, that divide has disappeared back into the night. I’ve a computer again, and it’s a beautiful thing. Speaking of which, I had multiple conversations over the last two weeks in which I alluded to Edmund Burke’s The Beauty and the Sublime; it’s worth a read.

Getting pumped with Muscle Rollers, courtesy of Feed Me and Kill the Noise.

I haven’t been seeing the best friends lately, which has been seriously getting to me. I’m slowly catching up with them, one at a time, but it’s a never-ending cycle; as soon as I catch up with one, I’ve not seen the other five in forever- and then there are those that I never catch up with.  It’s trying. I think we all fear abandonment on some level or another. While it does absolutely nothing to alleviate the fear, this had an applicable point. It actually enhances the fear, I think, but I am whole-heartedly anti-ignorance.

Instead of wish-listing today, I’d like to thank a handful of people for the early birthday presents; new kicks, a new outfit, a new jacket… je les adore. I am fairly certain that there are studies proving [or that the funding for such a study would be easy to find] that the clothes that a person wears directly affect their self-image, their confidence, and their over-all persona. Jim Carrey proved it in The Mask. Put something on, and it changes everything about you. To finally have clothes, if only a single outfit, that a) fit perfectly, b)are fashionable, and c)are brand-new; I cannot express the depth of my gratitude. All of my work has begun to pay off; thank you for being a part of it.

Speaking of birthday-ness... I have a party that needs to be planned. Like, from square one. I’ve been without a computer, and my co-conspirators have effectively disappeared. I need help pulling this together- a week and a half ‘til doomsday, and nothing has been done, and nothing has been arranged. Cue stress.

Add consistent communication breakdowns.

Count the time that it takes for me to misplace my mind.

Not long now. Not long.

Viens avec moi?