Monday, October 17, 2011

|throw-away things|

The metaphorical heart
is a throw-away thing,
crafted by hopeful hands
out of paper-mache and Elmer’s;
any second-grade kid
can tell you that
both are edible,
and easily replaceable.

(day two hundred and sixty-nine)

Word of the Day: insipid
Lacking flavor or zest; not tasty.
Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate,
or interest; dull.

I haven’t listened to Jamie T in ages- so when I found myself singing their songs this morning, I immediately ran to my computer to set them to filling the air. This particular song is one that I feel really captures the full character of the group. Enjoy.

Listening to Jamie T isn’t the only thing I haven’t done in ages. I also haven’t blogged. What’s up with that? Well, you know. Life. The last couple of months have been marvelously, terribly tumultuous. I’ve been neglecting multiple people, and been neglected by multiple people. Things have gotten lost in the shuffle. I’m one of those things. Slowly pulling it back together; or at least, I hope I am.

Some of the news from the last couple of months:

                I’m in Meridian now, thanks to a very dear friend’s hospitality.
                I’m working out nearly every bloody morning. Not even remotely half-assed, either.
                Single, Taken, Single? I don’t even know wtf anymore.
                Multiple auditions- didn’t win any of them, but glad to have had the chance.
                Working at The Haunted World. Pretty damned cool, most days.
                Tutoring again, even though I swore I never would. Funny how that works.
                Fast friendships, fading friendships, fallen friendships…
                A severe, unprecedented interest in parkour? Yes.

Bear with me whilst I pull it together, would you kindly?

Viens avec moi?

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