Friday, November 4, 2011


“I’ll come back. We’ll finish this.”
They both knew she wouldn’t.
“Go. You’re late,” he whispered.

(day two hundred and eighty-seven)

Word of the Day: widdershins
-in a left-handed, wrong or contrary direction;

As the weather takes a turn for the bitter nip and bite of winter, my musical taste retreats to where it feels most at home. Acoustic, folksy tunes with home on every breath- there’s something distinctly winter to them, I think. The Be Good Tanyas, a group I’ve admittedly never listened to in my life before today, is fantastically worthy of the share- enjoy.

Tea, tobacco and toska. That’s my morning. And a list the size of Timbuktu. It’s been another rash of weeks since I’ve blogged, and know that in a small, particular way, I hate myself for it. It’s going to become a daily thing again, I’m certain of it.

I read a status update requesting fashion immediate fashion advice: Scarves on men? This reads (to me) as a no-brainer; a strong, resounding YES. But of course scarves belong on men. The gender neutral accessory often looks best on the male figure, if paired correctly. I’ll share my response to the gentleman’s query, as well: “I’m wearing one with my cotton, combat styled jacket, layered or not.” The look is a half classic, half modern staple. Men, the trick to wearing a scarf is quite simple- wrap it loosely about your neck and forget about it; it’s most often the fidgeting and tailoring of the look that ruins it. Note: keeping the scarves lighter makes for easier pairing and layering. Try something like this.

I’m starting a second blog. –pause for collective sigh-

I know. Because I’m sooo good at writing on this one, right?

This new one is geared a touch differently. It’s a food blog. Because I love to cook, and generate a number of unique recipes and the like, I thought it might be a good way to share my culinary insights. I’ll post more as I get it together, I’m sure.

Viens avec moi?

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