Friday, September 23, 2011

-of gods-

Walk into the darkest place
And be thee not afraid,
For fear is fleeting, and this is
How immortality is made.

(day two hundred and forty-five)

Word of the Day: estival
-belonging to or appearing in summer.

I adore this song is its original form, so it’s easy to imagine that I’d enjoy the remixed version, no? Edward Sharpe’s Home, remixed by Whole-Z.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Time has a habit of getting away from you, and a habit of catching back up with you at the most inconvenient moments. Not that this is an inconvenient moment, really…

I’m finally out of Nampa. Saying that is like the first breath after a near drowning; rapturous. Firstly, I have one hell of an amasing friend. Secondly, I’ve been all over the map, both physically and emotionally (hell, mentally as well).

Things are coming together, if in a slow, methodical, patch-work sort of way.

So this is me, finding my feet once again. Hello World. It’s been too long.


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