Sunday, August 28, 2011

|standing in the downpour|

Never have I felt a thunder more fiercely,
never caressed by fingers more fitting,
than this rain that swims down upon me,
as two million odd minnows might,
as though caught they up in a fright,
and with a tumble-snap-crack of the sky,
re-releasing sunlight;
it cuts softly and smoothly,
crashing through seas of water and air
as a ship cutting waves, as
skin, bare on bare.
She awakens me, not lightly,
yet free from disdain-
never have I known
love greater than rain.

(day two hundred and nineteen)

Word of the Day: itinerant
Adj.- Traveling from place to place, especially to perform work or a duty.
Noun – One who travels from place to place.

This song has really stuck with me this weekend. Graduation by Gemini. Enjoy.

I’ve been learning about hair product and styling over the course of this last week. I figure that if I’m going to keep a mess of hair, it’s a matter of responsibility to learn how to properly care for and manage it. There are two additions to the wish-list today, both are hair product, both are needed, and both are cheap. Crazy, no?

Things have been slightly turbulent of late, and I’ve not been on top of my writing game. Well, truth be told, I’ve not been on top of any game.  That will change soon enough.

I’ve finally finished writing the 101/1001 list; now I can focus on getting things accomplished. Sixteen are finished. I’m a little behind the time-clock, I fear. Time to kick it into gear.

Also, plans for this week have yet to be cast in stone, but they shall be within the next 24 hours. If you have any want to be a part of my week, call or text me.

Until tomorrow,

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