Tuesday, August 9, 2011

-finding the time-

“If time is the fabric of the universe,
then I’m going to need a larger pair of fabric shears.”

(day two hundred)

Word of the Day: kismet

Today wasn’t going to simply stand upon a song- we are making the leap to music videos. The reason behind this move? Well, the video itself, of course. It’s an extended version, and I don’t recall the last time I watched a music video that was this emotionally charged. Add to that a slew of fantastic actors, and here we are.

I’ve been looking over Vans, this morning. Not four-wheeled rape-kits, mind you- the shoes. Hit the wishlist to check out a killer pair of kicks.

Facebook is crushing my productivity. My A/C doesn’t work. I need a bigger bike, but not as much as I need good news. And I need to figure out why in the hell I’m so high-strung. [scratch that, smoke break and I figured it out. I need to fix it.] Deeper breaths and less stress, STAT.

Why do my days never go as planned? Perhaps I should stop trying to micromanage myself- I’m catching stress on both ends because of it. Someone else needs to micromanage me. That’ll fix it, I’m sure. These lists are killing me. And stress is a direct form of anti-weight-loss, which propagates further stress. What a winning cycle, no?

I spent yesterday stressing, and playing guitar. That’s about all I got accomplished. Oops.

A few major things coming up that require planning. September 2nd and 3rd, reserve your evenings, because a two-day celebration is in the works. Also, if you are a musician, please get in touch with me- there is a project that I’d love to put together over the next two weeks; it’ll be a blast, I promise.

I’m off to have coffee with a good friend, and then I’ll hopefully get to talk to/see the best friends throughout the course of the day.

Viens avec moi?

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