Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A cityscape in the sky---

There is a breeze flitting about
In the trees, the backdrop of
The sky, a pale blue dance floor
For the summer-weary leaves;
The air is full of birds, bees and
A muted electricity.
“Can you see them?”
Dogwood and dandelion dust
Populate the undrawn heaven-streets,
Merging with buttermilk butterflies
And drawing their potential in the sky.

(day two hundred and fourteen)

Word of the Day: opine
-to state as an opinion.

P.O.S. is one of the best rappers out there, bar none. This is just one of the brilliant tracks the man has dropped.

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since my computer died, leaving me under a rock in the desert without internet. It’s insane, really, how dependent modern life is upon broadband connections- at the point that the/a separation is painful, we ought to be worried. We really ought.

Thanks to someone very close, that divide has disappeared back into the night. I’ve a computer again, and it’s a beautiful thing. Speaking of which, I had multiple conversations over the last two weeks in which I alluded to Edmund Burke’s The Beauty and the Sublime; it’s worth a read.

Getting pumped with Muscle Rollers, courtesy of Feed Me and Kill the Noise.

I haven’t been seeing the best friends lately, which has been seriously getting to me. I’m slowly catching up with them, one at a time, but it’s a never-ending cycle; as soon as I catch up with one, I’ve not seen the other five in forever- and then there are those that I never catch up with.  It’s trying. I think we all fear abandonment on some level or another. While it does absolutely nothing to alleviate the fear, this had an applicable point. It actually enhances the fear, I think, but I am whole-heartedly anti-ignorance.

Instead of wish-listing today, I’d like to thank a handful of people for the early birthday presents; new kicks, a new outfit, a new jacket… je les adore. I am fairly certain that there are studies proving [or that the funding for such a study would be easy to find] that the clothes that a person wears directly affect their self-image, their confidence, and their over-all persona. Jim Carrey proved it in The Mask. Put something on, and it changes everything about you. To finally have clothes, if only a single outfit, that a) fit perfectly, b)are fashionable, and c)are brand-new; I cannot express the depth of my gratitude. All of my work has begun to pay off; thank you for being a part of it.

Speaking of birthday-ness... I have a party that needs to be planned. Like, from square one. I’ve been without a computer, and my co-conspirators have effectively disappeared. I need help pulling this together- a week and a half ‘til doomsday, and nothing has been done, and nothing has been arranged. Cue stress.

Add consistent communication breakdowns.

Count the time that it takes for me to misplace my mind.

Not long now. Not long.

Viens avec moi?

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