Tuesday, July 26, 2011

|as the wind|

Necking softly, or violent throes,
the wind begs not consent
for where it goes;
shall we e’er strive to be,
in each day, half as free.

(day one hundred and eighty-six)

Word of the Day: mornight
For those moments when you aren’t sure if it is today or tomorrow.

Today, we’re listening to one of the single best live acoustic performances I’ve ever had the luck to hear, and it just so happens to be one of the single most well-known individuals in the world. The first time I heard this song, it captured my soul- and it retains that power even now. Enjoy.

I wasn’t up at seven o’clock this morning, like I had hoped I might be. And I didn’t spend my morning wisely- I spent it on Youtube. That’s an easy mistake to make, Youtube. You walk in, looking for a rendition of that new song you’ve been hearing on the radio, you walk out with twenty new favourites, a handful of likes, and a barrage of melodies that you can’t get out of your head; four hours later, that is. It’s not a one, two, done kind of thing. It’s too damn well designed for that. You might like this; we know you’ll like that. Your favourite person in the world has three new videos and a PSA. This video is also about Zombies. This video is also dubstep. This video is dubstep and has twelve million views. High-def? No problem, just allow us to re-load your video. Here’s a short advertisement while you wait. Whatever you do, don’t look at the clock. Ever. Here’s to Youtube’s design team- well played.

Along the right, you’ll notice some minor changes. Or you won’t. It doesn’t make much difference, really. They’re there, whether you notice them or not. Among them is a link- Wishlist. I had the thought whilst blogging yesterday, and I took the time to find a site that specializes in the particular kind of self-indulgence that I was hoping for. There’s not much on there, but it’ll grow. It’s not like any of the items are going to leave the list anytime soon. This is simply so that we all know what I would spend money on, if I had money to spend.

Yesterday, among the many things I accomplished [because it was, in fact, quite a productive day], I finished writing the scenes for flowers, the short film that I’ve been kicking around forever. I wish I could say that the muse dropped from the heavens with the tools that I’d been waiting for, but that’s not quite right. Actually, the only thing that dropped yesterday was a lot more that requires doing. Which means I can’t keep putting these things off, at least not until they develop the wherewithal to do themselves.

My domestic hobbies are done [yes, I'm calling them hobbies; chores being too bleak a word], and I’m looking at this list next to me and fretting. It really isn’t much to do, if I actually find and maintain the kind of focus I happened across yesterday- but the lack of transportation in my life generally means anything I have to go places to accomplish becomes a gigantic obstacle. If anyone happens across a free car anywhere, and cannot think of anything else to do with it: call me?

And it appears that I’m all talked out- not before a substantial blog post has been written though. It appears that this blogging thing will grow on you, if you let it.

Viens avec moi?

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