Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kahlo, Heart Thief

…a deep breath; and the doorway of souls flutters open. caught in a trance-like twilight, a glimpse of sky through an uncovered window, whispers racing along the mottled skin of a night too soon forgotten, and a mourn still unanswered, leaves fare-welling the outstretched fingers of abandoned lovers, left to claw forever at the floor of heaven, begging entrance into paradise....

If I am a poet, then you are my muse,
Yellow bird, on my windowsill
And I am your flute
Take to the sky, my lover, my moon
The song and the silence, just me and you.

...under the frost kissed marriage of a sundered sky, a day is but a heartbeat of time; let us write the epitaph of the world, for the loss of death is tallied only by the living, hushed and exalted, as infinite sands slowly sifting and hassled, hurried green grass, sea to an upright, dark vessel, a lighthouse for scavengers, an eternal epistle....

Yellow winged laughter on my shoulder lights,
Chasing away the last of the night

And so you sit silent,
Speaking worlds in my ear-
Until in the quiet,
You’re all I can hear.

…so she sat silent, skipping stones across the surface of my soul…

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