Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let's try this again.

“When she was strong enough, she went out one early morning and buried the wedding-dress decently under the apple-tree. Her breast felt hollow, as if it were her heart she had buried; but she could move and speak, still.” – Angela Carter, The Magic Toyshop

It’s truly been a lifetime since I’ve written anything longer than three sentences. There’s one. Two. And now we’re done.

I know I’ve been hell to get ahold of, hell to try and talk to; so…

Let’s catch up:
  •   I now work as tech support for a cell-phone carrier. I spend all day, every day on the phone, fixing technology and idiocy.
  • My work schedule has changed three times. From early morning to swing-shift. I’m not transitioning well.   
  •  I found a special someone. Very special. Like, every waking thought, special.
So to say that I’ve been a little out of it isn’t quite fair; I’ve been entirely out of it. Out of the gym. Out of writing. Out of acting. Out of music.

Life does that to you.

Does that to me. A lot.

But it’s not about how you got to where you are that matters – it’s where you go from here.


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