Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A long overdue update

It has a been veritably long time since I have regularly written. This blog has suffered more than any one other thing, save perhaps my own psyche. A quick game of catch up, then:


Over the past few months, I have been lost and found and lost again; over and over again, in fact. I moved to Los Angeles and fell in love with the city, and then moved back to Boise. My heart has been shattered and left to rust, and picked back up and pieced together with loving eyes and hands. I have lost many friends and stood silent as things have burnt to the ground around me. I have had moments of sheer ecstasy and utter desperation. I have given up and then stood back up.


I have learned so much in my life over the last few months; the sorts of things that never go away, that resonate through every inch of me and most likely will until the end of time.


Everything is looking up. I am content in my position in life, though never complacent. I am recalibrating and recalculating.


I am here. And I am alive. So terribly alive.


Viens avec moi.


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