Tuesday, May 10, 2011

|slowy, softly|

It’s never too early for a drink,
Never too late for breakfast,
Dessert doesn’t wait
And everyone is on the guest list.
This is life.
Now wake up and live it.

(day one hundred and seven)

It is a gorgeous day. Barefoot and content, I’m staring down a rather sizable list of things that require doing. I’ve smoked my last cigarette [i didn’t even finish it], and for the first time in a long while I’m happy to just be. Perhaps that has been the invisible hurdle that I’ve been tripping over the last few months. A locked gate, and I’ve held the key at my wrist all along. It seems that, if you allow yourself to become entangled with the when’s and what if’s of the future, you are liable to drown. You have to remember that you don’t exist in the future. You exist in the now.


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