Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Seven

Sit softly and watch fingers of steam brush the air
the water bleed colour that’s already there
and as the whistle dies down and silence resumes
wait impatiently for your turn to consume.

I’m contemplating a strange idea. Perhaps, at the root of the absence of motivation and focus, lies the simple fact that I have missed tea time for nearly eight thousand consecutive days. I mean, I love tea, and I drink a lot of tea, but I’ve never actually made time for tea. And that’s just it. I don’t make time for anything. I’ve always just let time have its way with me; and when it’s done, I crawl gingerly away, wash myself down and whisper myself to sleep. Why?

I perform so well when my schedule is dictated to me, but not at all when I can do what I wish. This must be a product of our industry driven society; we are so used to a mandated here then there that we spend our downtime flailing about. Or, at least some of us do. Some of us have it figured out.

This isn’t the only failing of a society driven by consumer demand. Sir Ken Robinson, at the 2006 TED gathering:

Here's to making change.
Viens avec moi.

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