Tuesday, February 15, 2011

-spoken word-

(day twenty-three)
We die, breath by breath
And the faster we fade
The more frantic we play
For those moments that we come alive.

And it’s not over,
Until you say it
                    believe it
                            dream it
                                     and see it
Walk out the door
                kicking its feet and staring at the floor
                                                         Because you threw it out.

So if you’re quitting
                    close your eyes
                               hold your breath
                         shut your mind
                                   lock the till
                                            check the windows
                                                         And leave.

Don’t look back.

Don’t leave a note.

Because there isn’t time for hemming and hawing
                                        or joking and jawing.
                                  Just get out.

You stay, you work.

Pick a direction and start walking.

We’re not against talking,
                     but pick up and step up and pick up your step
‘cause you keep standing still and you’re gonna get left.

Time doesn’t stand still it just marches on and
We’re left to chase it. We pick it all up and
Put ourselves back together on the way to forever.

Because static is stagnant.

There ain’t no status quo worth stemming the flow
because status is irrelevant.

Unplug it.

Watch the wall disappear and you’ll feel better and freer
And then suddenly and desperately alone.

A moment sans shit
No more likes no more hits
                       just you by yourself coming home.

Home to your senses,
                     home to your life,
                                             home to
What the fuck have I done with the last ten years?

Must’ve waved it along with a beer and a ‘cheers.’

Because that’s the norm.

Shit, that’s expected.

Eight years in a box just to open a life that’s missing instructions
                                        and batteries not included.

Somehow it’s eluded the best of us
                         that the solution to this mess is us.
Just you and me standing tall and free
                         to think it all out on our own.

Save the cookie cutter wisdom for the hypocrites and Christians
That cannot comprehend outside their own.

Time can’t be measured, it can’t be caught
It can’t be weighed, won, it can’t be fought;
It’s now or never, forever,
so pull it together under pressure;

 make tracks for the horizon now
‘cause there’s no point in sitting down,

The end comes as we breathe

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